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Sour Ghost Distillate Cartridge

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Experience the remarkably vibrant taste of DRiP HyperTerped Distillate. Meticulously crafted, our cartridges are a fusion of advanced extraction techniques and our unique HyperTerping process, which infuses 8% solventless cannabis terpenes. The result? An exceptionally vibrant flavor profile that truly reflects the quality and authenticity of the original CommCan strain. Enjoy clean, smooth, and flavor-rich hits, delivered from a premium All-Ceramic AVD cartridge, recognized for exceptional taste delivery and vapor production, beautifully showcasing our DRiP oil. Prepare for a superior vaping experience that will redefine your expectations.

Cross: Geist OG x AJ's Sour Diesel

Original Breeder: Geist Grows

Description: Sour Ghost is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, a compelling cross between Geist OG and AJ's Sour Diesel. This strain offers a dual experience: an uplifting, giddy high followed by a relaxed, stony sensation, making it your go-to choice for daytime activities. With a zesty lemon flavor tinged with a hint of spice, Sour Ghost is designed to invigorate your senses and elevate your day.


What the dispensary says
DRiP Vapor Labs, a CommCan exclusive, crafts premium cannabis concentrates and vaporizer cartridges at their cutting-edge Extraction Laboratory in Medway, MA. Utilizing only the finest solventless cannabis terpenes from CommCan-grown flower, DRiP delivers an unparalleled experience that showcases the essence of quality and purity.
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