Did you mean CommCan?

CommCan (pronounced ‘com-can’) /ˈkɒmˌkæn/


  1. a locally, woman, LGBTQ, and family-owned cannabis dispensary proudly serving the Massachusetts community. Often misspelled as “Commcann” or “Comcann” by folks who are just too excited about our locally-grown, premium cannabis to type correctly.
  2. a name you’ll definitely remember, even if you misspell it as “CommCann” or “Comcann”.


  1. Describes anything as top-notch as our wicked good weed.

Origin and Etymology of CommCan

‘CommCan’ – imagine if ‘Commonwealth’ and ‘Cannabis’ had a baby, and that baby was raised on Dunkin’ and Fenway Franks. ‘Comm’ tips the Red Sox cap to our beloved Massachusetts, and ‘Can’ is all about the wicked good weed we’re serving up.

How to use ‘CommCan’ in a sentence


When you say ‘CommCan’, you’re talking about the Brady of bud, the Larry Bird of leaf, the Bobby Orr of herb. We’re your go-to guys for everything green in Massachusetts.

I’ve been to dispensaries from Southie to Salem, but nothing holds a candle to CommCan. It’s like finding the North End’s best cannoli but instead of cannolis, it’s weed.


This chowdah is CommCan level!

The passion of these Bruins fans is seriously CommCan – it’s as fervent and loyal as our customers’ love for our bud!


CommCan is as unique as a perfect Pats season, but here are some phrases that get close to our spirit:

  • Your buds in the bud business
  • The Paul Reveres of pot
  • The Green Monster of ganja
  • The Cannabis Kings of the Commonwealth
  • The Sam Adams of Sativa