Vape cartridges, nick-named “carts”, “vapes” and sometimes called “oil cartridges” or “vape pens” are glass cartridges filled with different types of cannabis extracts. They’re easy to use, discrete, and portable, so its easy for beginners and pros alike.

There are different types of cartridges, some device-specific (like Pax Pods), but the most common is a 510-thredded cartridge. 

What’s in a Vape Cartridge

A vape cart is filled with either a half gram or one gram of cannabis extracts.

There are different types of cannabis extracts, most of which are named for the method of extraction used when producing the “oil”. The most common kinds are Distillate, Full-Spectrum, Live Resin, and terpene-infused.

Cannabis extracts are usually considered a type of cannabis concentrate – which is exactly what it sounds like: any product derived from cannabis flower that is processed into a concentrated, highly potent form.

How do you use a Vape Cartridge?

In order to vaporize the cannabis oil inside your vape cart, you’ll need a battery.

Batteries come in a variety of styles (pen style, palm style, etc.) and contain the heating elements that will vaporize the oil from your cart. All you do is attach your cart to the battery (510-threded carts screw on, PAX Pods just pop in) and you’re good to go!



Vape carts are super simple to use and consume, as long as you have the proper device for your cart type. Just attach your cart to its battery and you’re ready to go!


Instead of smoking your cannabis, you can vaporize it – so instead of smoke, it produces small vapor. Typically, the vapor produced is thinner and smells less than smoke. Plus, vape carts are small and easy to use on-the-go or in public without drawing attention.


Because vape carts are filled with potent cannabis oil, it takes a lot less product (and only 10-15 minutes) to start feeling something. Beginners should remember to start low and go slow when vaping for the first time.