Experience the remarkably vibrant taste of DRiP HyperTerped Distillate. Meticulously crafted, our cartridges are a fusion of advanced extraction techniques and our unique HyperTerping process, which infuses 8% solventless cannabis terpenes. The result? An exceptionally vibrant flavor profile that truly reflects the quality and authenticity of the original CommCan strain.

DRip AVD 510 Thread cartridge

Enjoy clean, smooth, and flavor-rich hits, delivered from a premium All-Ceramic AVD cartridge, recognized for exceptional taste delivery and vapor production, beautifully showcasing our DRiP oil. Prepare for a superior vaping experience that will redefine your expectations..


  • Universal 510 thread
  • Premium Borosilicate Glass Body
  • Medical-Grade Ceramic for Clean Hits
  • AVD Ceramic Core: AVD No-Burn Technlogogy