Welcome back to another edition of the CommCan weekly recap! Here, we cover all things related to CommCan and cannabis in Massachusetts. This week, we will introduce our brand-new HelloHii Disposable Vapes, celebrate the third anniversary of Cookies within Massachusetts, and present the latest employee pick of the week.

Say HelloHii to Brand-New Disposables

Introducing the brand-new HelloHii Disposable Vape, a budget-friendly All-In-One Disposable Cartridge packed with one gram of premium distillate and infused with botanical terpenes. HelloHii Disposables features an AVD Axil All-In-One model, allowing users a discrete and hassle-free vaping experience without breaking the bank. The AVD Axil features an easy draw, no-button vape activation, a ceramic core allowing for smooth hits and even heating for the oil, and a USB-C port, allowing you to recharge your vape for no wasted oil! Additionally, these vapes are priced accordingly to the HelloHii brand at a budget-friendly price of only $37.50 for a one-gram vape. 

With the launch of our HelloHii Disposables, we chose two introductory flavors: P.O.G. and Tanginana. The flavor P.O.G. features passion fruit, oranges, and guava flavors, reminding users of sitting back on a beach sipping an ice-cold tropical drink and looking at the sunset with their feet up. On the other hand, Tanginana features a mixed blend of banana and tangerine flavors similar to the taste of your favorite summer go-to smoothie after a long day in the sun. Head on over to CommCan today to try the brand-new HelloHii Disposable for yourself! Available exclusively at CommCan Millis, Rehoboth, and soon-to-be Mansfield.


Cookies by CommCan’s Third-Year Anniversary

Around this time, three years ago, in 2021, CommCan partnered with world-renowned cannabis brand Cookies to launch the brand within Massachusetts. Since then, we’ve seen dozens of strains come and go through Cookies’ strain catalog, seen new developments in Cookies’ cannabis products, and witnessed the growth of CommCan as a whole. Throughout the years, CommCan has worked hard to bring Cookies brands like Collins Ave, Grandiflora, Lemonmade, MINNTZ, Powerzzzup, Run The Jewelz, and many more to the state of Massachusetts, but we aren’t stopping there. With an anniversary, there’s always another year to go on, and with that comes growth and continuation. That’s why, in the coming weeks, all of us at CommCan are proud to announce that new Cookies strains will be hitting the shelves! These strains will be brand-new to the Massachusetts market and replicate the pristine partnership between CommCan and Cookies. Stay on top of our blog posts for the coming weeks to get all the news and updates on Cookies.

                                Official Artwork of the Apples and Bananas Strain by CookiesArtistic rendition of Ridgeline Lantz strain by Cookies.

Latest Employee Pick: Afghan Peach

This week, for our ‘Employee Pick,’ we will showcase CommCan’s newest cult favorite strain, Afghan Peach, chosen by Kristin M., one of our fantastic budtenders at Millis. Whether you’re buying just a pre-roll or the entire menu, Kristin is sure to help you out time after time with a big smile. Kristin describes Afghan Peach as a strain that boasts a skunky fruity smell that will stink up any room, along with a burst of peach flavors. Afghan Peach also features a mellow and euphoric high, perfect for those Indica lovers seeking ultimate relaxation. Visit our Millis and Rehoboth locations to try Afghan Peach for yourself!


New Products & Restocks: 5/10/24

  • 5 Star Grams
  • Afghan Peach Grams
  • Amoretto Sour Blunt from 253 Farmacy
  • Amoretto Sour Eighths from 253 Farmacy
  • Apples & Creme Whole Flower
  • Blueberry Haze High Purity Distillate PAX Pod from PAX
  • Blue Zushi High Purity Distillate PAX Pod from PAX
  • Biscotti Grams
  • Croissant Whole Flower
  • Dutch Dragon Distillate Cartridge from Fernway
  • Emergen-C Eighths from 253 Farmacy
  • GMO Grams
  • Huckleberry All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • IDGAF Grams
  • Lava Dawg Grams
  • Limited Edition Grams
  • Orange Zorbet Grams
  • Pacifier x Apple Juice Grams
  • Pure Michigan Whole Flower
  • Rainbow Zoap Grams
  • RS11 x Coffin Candy Grams
  • Rubber Match Grams
  • Runtz Grams
  • Snake Eyes Whole Flower
  • Sour Diesel Grams
  • Sour Ghost Grams
  • Strawberry Jam All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • Swamp Ass Grams
  • Tequila Sunrise Pre-Ground
  • The Nightmare Grams
  • Watermelon Z All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • Watermelon Z High Purity Distillate PAX Pod from PAX