As 4/20 approaches, anticipation builds for the most iconic day in cannabis culture, and there’s no better dispensary for 420 deals than CommCan. This year, we’re gearing up to make your 4/20 experience unforgettable with stellar deals and seamless shopping options. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of your 4/20 at CommCan.


Shop Smart with Online Preordering!

This year, 4/20 will fall on a Saturday. This means we will likely be busier than usual. To avoid the rush, take advantage of our online ordering through our menu. Simply select your preferred CommCan location and shop any of our in-store products from the comfort of your home. Reserve your favorites and pick them up at your convenience. Worried about parking? Don’t be! CommCan provides overflow parking at all of our cannabis dispensary locations, allowing a hassle-free arrival for our guests.

Be prepared to potentially wait slightly longer than usual, but don’t fret; we will be working extra hard for you!

Convenient Locations in Massachusetts!

Forget about long drives. CommCan’s Millis, MA dispensary is located conveniently on Route 109, 1525 Main Street Millis, we’re able to serve the communities in Norfolk and Suffolk County. Millis is also only a 30-minute drive from Rhode Island areas like Woonsocket, Cumberland, and Smithfield.

CommCan’s Rehoboth, MA dispensary is nestled right off Route 6 and I-195, around the corner from the Seekonk Speedway! Only a short 10-minute drive from the Providence, Rhode Island and Fall River, MA.

Each CommCan dispensary serves both Recreational and Medical customers. CommCan Millis and Rehoboth will be open from 9am to 9pm on April 20th, 2024.

Everyday Value

CommCan offers everyday low prices on Eighths, Edibles, Concentrates, and more. Our HelloHii brand is priced to benefit the consumer, offering $15 eighths daily. Is it something more premium you may be looking for? Don’t worry; at CommCan, we provide a wide range of flower products from our HelloHii brand to CommCan Black Cap Eighths priced at $25, all the way to CommCan Premium Gold Cap Eighths priced at $35.

420 Deals at CommCan Revealed:

$100 OZ CommCan Flower for Rec & Med!

Rec and Med customers can scoop an OZ of the hottest CommCan Gold Cap Strains for only $100! Available in 1oz increments ONLY (no eights) Choose from Lava Dawg, GMO or Sour Diesel. SUPER LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. IN-STORE OFFER ONLY – NO PREORDERS. Available on 4/20/24 only.

420 deals revealed! Available on 4/20/24 only. Super limited quantity. $100 Ounce of CommCan Gold Cap! Choose between 1oz of GMO, Sour Diesel or Lava Dawg. In-store only, no preorders.

MED Exclusive $175 for Two OZs CommCan Lava Dawg!

Exclusively for Medical patients.  Two ounces of CommCan Gold Cap Lava Dawg flower! Prepacked into a 2oz bag (no eighths). SUPER LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. IN-STORE OFFER ONLY – NO PREORDERS. Available on 4/20/24 only.

420 deals med only! Available on 4/20/24 only. Super limited quantity for medical patients only. $175 for 2 Ounces of CommCan Lava Dawg flower. In-store only, no preorders.

Additional Offers & Exclusive 420 Deals!



Availability of offers may vary between medical patients and recreational users. The deals listed below will be offered at all CommCan locations.

All Apparel & Accessories for 15% Off

The perfect opportunity to grab that bong or bowl you’ve been eyeing! Or, treat yourself to a discounted e-rig like the Puffco Proxy or a flower vape like the PAX!

Bite Edibles Chocolates $10 Packs

Delicious Bite chocolate come in Milk or Dark varieties. Dosed at 5mg per piece and 50mg per pack.

Cookies 1g Vape Carts for 20% Off

Premium 1-gram Cookies distillate dab carts. Grown and extracted by CommCan. With solventlessly derived cannabis terpenes from flower. No additives or fake flavors. Available in iconic Cookies strains: Apples & Bananas, Mexican Flan.

Cookies Half OZ: Mix & Match 4 Eighths for $75

Grown by CommCan, mix and match any 4 Cookies eighths to create the Half OZ of your dreams. At the unbelievable value of only $75.

Cookies Pre-Rolls 4 for $25

Get any 4 Cookies 1g Pre-Rolls for only $25. Mix and Match any strain!

CommCan Half OZ: Any 4 Black Cap Eighths for $60

Mix and Match any 4 CommCan Black Cap eighths for an ultra low price of only $60!

CommCan Half OZ: Any 4 Gold Cap Eighths for $75

Mix and Match any 4 CommCan Gold Cap eighths for the affordable price of $75!

CommCan Pre-Rolls 2 for $15

Single gram (1g), CommCan brand Pre-Rolls only. Choose any 2 strains for $15.

All DRiP Vape Carts and Dabs for 20% Off

DRiP Distillate and Live Resin carts for 20% off! Or try any DRiP 1g Live Resin concentrates for 20% off!

SIP Soda 4-Pack for $9

Mix and Match any 4 flavors of SIP Soda! Handcrafted by CommCan with real can sugar. Infused with THC.

SIP 250mg Soda Syrup: Buy 2 for $45

SIP Soda Syrup Tinctures allow you to dose and flavor any beverage! Available in 250mg bottles. Available in 2 flavors: Lemon or Couchlock Grape! Grab both for 500mg total!

Medical Only SIP High-Dose: Mix & Match Any 4  Flavors for $15

Medical patients have exclusive access to our high-dose SIP brews! 25mg per can. 100mg per 4-pack! Try any 4 high-dose flavors for only $15

Medical Only THC-Infused Honey for $20

Medical patients try our 250mg THC-infused, locally-sourced honey! Available in Regular and Hot varieties. 5mg per teaspoon.

TiNQ 250mg Salve for $12

TINQ Salves made with shea butter offer a non-psychoactive and simple way to relieve pain. Simply rub TINQ salve into the affected area. Great for aches, pains and even new tattoos!

TINQ 600mg Tinctures for $27

TINQ Tinctures are flavorless and odorless. They provide an incredibly easy way to dose a beverage or edible. Made with MCT oil. Available in THC or 1:1.

All Wholesale Cannabis Products for 20% Off

Try any products available from our wholesale partners at a discount!

420 Flower Deals at CommCan: CommCan Black Cap Half OZ: 4 Eights for$60! CommCan Gold Cap Half OZ: 4 Eighths for $75 CommCan 1g PreRolls: Choose any 2 for $15
Cookies 420 Deals: Cookies Flower Half OZ: 4 Eighths for $75 Cookies 1g PreRolls: 4 PreRolls for $25 Cookies 1g Dab Carts: Mexican Flan or Apples & Bananas 1g distillate vape cart for $36
420 Vapes & Dab Deals: DRiP Distillate 1g Vape Carts for $36/ea. DRiP Live Resin 1g dab pens for $44/ea. DRiP 1g Live Concentrate Dabs for $44/ea DRiP 1g Distillate Syringes for $36/ea.
420 Edible Deals: Bite THC Chocolates only $12 per pack! SIP Sodas 4-pack for $9 SIP High-Dose Sodas 4-pack for $15. SIP Soda Syrup 2 bottles for $45

Join Us for a 4/20 to Remember

At CommCan, we’re more than just a dispensary; we’re a community dedicated to enriching your cannabis experience. This 4/20, join us to take advantage of our amazing 420 deals and don’t forget to check out the CommCan Chronicle for the latest updates on weekly and daily deals, new product launches, and everything on 4/20.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Plan your visit to CommCan and make this 4/20 your best one yet!