Here at CommCan, we realize and embrace that cannabis is an ever-changing industry and that things are constantly moving. That’s why we’re thrilled to unveil our latest move towards making premium cannabis more accessible than ever before. Our new pricing structure is not just about numbers; it reflects our commitment to providing value, quality, and affordability.

Unbeatable Prices on Hellohii Eighths

Hellohii is fresh CommCan grown flower. Just $15 an eighth, $120 an ounce.

Say goodbye to the old $25 price point and hello to the new, wallet-friendly $15 Hellohii eighths. Our aim? To ensure that you enjoy the same high-quality cannabis without the high cost. And the deal gets even sweeter – grab a half-ounce for $60 or indulge in a full ounce for just $120. With Hellohii, you’re getting fresh, CommCan-grown buds machine-trimmed for affordability. This is your invitation to experience more of what you love with Hellohii’s new everyday pricing.

CommCan Black and Gold Cap Eighths

Premium Black Cap CommCan eighths start at $25, $180 an Ounce

For those who’ve eyed our premium strains but hesitated at the price, we have fantastic news. Our Black Cap Strains, featuring favorites like Biscotti, IDGAF, and Sunset Sherbert, are now available at $25. Opt for a half-ounce for $100 or a full ounce for $180 – premium cannabis is now within your reach.

Gold Cap CommCan eighths start at $35, $252 an Ounce

Gold Cap Strains are the pinnacle of our offerings, meticulously chosen by our Executive Director of Cultivation for their outstanding qualities. These strains dazzle with their extraordinary aromas, rich flavors, and vibrant trichomes, setting a new standard for what wicked good weed means in Massachusetts. Featuring strains such as Sour Diesel, GMO and Lava Dawg. Each Gold Cap bud is hand-trimmed and carefully cured to perfection, showcasing our mastery over cannabis cultivation and redefining premium cannabis in the Commonwealth.

Cookies Strains: Elevated Experience, Accessible Pricing

As Massachusetts’ premier cultivator and distributor of Cookies strains, it’s only fitting that we align Cookies with our Gold Cap pricing. Starting March 1st, 2024, all Cookies Flower will be available at $35 an eighth, making these sought-after strains more accessible to the Commonwealth, reflecting our new era of pricing without compromising on quality.

Can I Mix & Match CommCan Black, Gold and Cookies?

Yes! Plus, when you reach an Ounce of mix & matched Black, Gold and CommCan we’ll take 10% off so you pay less!

Your Premier Destination for Quality Cannabis

At CommCan, our mission is clear: to provide you with access to high-quality cannabis that doesn’t break the bank. Our new pricing structure is a testament to our dedication to our customers and the community. We invite you to explore our range of products and enjoy the benefits of premium cannabis, now more affordable than ever.

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