Welcome back to another edition of the CommCan weekly recap! Here, we cover all things related to CommCan and cannabis in Massachusetts. In this week’s blog, we will introduce a brand-new Cookie strain preparing to hit the shelves, showcase the all-new Cookies Terped Vape available in three different flavors, unveil the brand-new Cookies Eighths tubs featuring the first-ever drop of a particular product in North America, and finally present the latest employee pick of the week.

New Cookies Strain: Bat Sh!t

Introducing a brand-new Cookies by CommCan strain to the Massachusetts cannabis market this weekend, 5/18/24: Bat Sh!t This particular strain summarizes the evolving and everchanging relationship between CommCan and Cookies, and it will be the first time this strain hits dispensary shelves within the commonwealth.

Bat Sh!t is a classic Cookies hybrid strain originating from Michigan-based cultivator Heavyweight Heads. Bat Sh!t features a cross between the strains Wedding Cake and the world-famous Gelato #33. This strain has a dark berry taste with hints of creamy cinnamon mixed in. Similarly, the sweet and creamy earth aromas replicate those flavors. Bat Sh!t will also provide medical patients and recreational users with a strong body high and a quick head change.


Brand-New Cookies Terped Vapes

Introducing Cookies’ brand-new Terped Vapes to the Massachusetts cannabis market. Each cartridge contains strain-specific botanical terpenes, which offer the user an out-of-this-world vaping experience without compromising quality. Cookies Terped Vapes are filled in only the highest quality cartridges while also being constructed with gravity-fed tech to preserve flavor and ensure each drop of oil is vaporized, giving you only the best vaping experience. Cookies Terped Vapes will be available in classic Cookie strains such as Cereal A La Mode, Huckleberry Gelato, and brand-new to Massachusetts, Triple Scoop! Head to CommCan Millis or Rehoboth today to try these brand-new Cookies Terped Vapes before they all go!


Introducing Cookies Flower Tubs: For Ultimate Freshness

Cookies’ brand-new Flower Tubs are ready to take the North East Cannabis scene by storm. These triple-sealed jars are meant for unparalleled terpene protection, ultimate flavor, and long-lasting freshness. Debuting now at CommCan locations across Massachusetts are premium batches from three of our favorite Cookies strains: Apples & Bananas, Cereal A La Mode, and Ridgeline Lantz. These particular eighths represent what top-shelf, premium cannabis flower should look like, time after time. Get to CommCan today to try the brand-new Cookies Eighths Tubs, but get here quick, as this is the first time Apples & Bananas has been launched in a Tub in North America!


Latest Employee Pick: Valley Vixen

For this week’s employee pick, we will showcase one of CommCan’s most popular strains, Valley Vixen, chosen by Molly R., one of our fantastic budtenders at Rehoboth. Molly describes Valley Vixen as a perfect summertime strain, giving the user an instant mood and energy boost. The strain boasts a fresh, gassy citrus taste and a happy head high that makes the sun shine brighter! Visit our Millis, Rehoboth, and soon-to-be Mansfield locations to try Valley Vixen for yourself!


New Products & Restocks: 6/7/24

  • Alpine Strawberry Distillate Traveler Vape from Fernway
  • Apples & Bananas Flower Tub
  • Bat Sh!t Eighths
  • Bat Sh!t Pre-Rolls
  • Bat Sh!t Smalls
  • Berry Haze Distillate Cartridge from Fernway
  • Berry Haze Distillate Traveler Vape from Fernway
  • Berry White Infused Pre-Roll from Jeeter
  • Blue Agave Pre-Ground
  • Blue Suede Eighths
  • Cereal A La Mode Flower Tub
  • Cereal A La Mode Distillate Terped Cartridge
  • Durban Poison Infused Pre-Roll from Jeeter
  • Granny Mac Whole Flower
  • Hollywood Eighths
  • Hollywood Smalls
  • Homegrown Distillate Cartridge from Fernway
  • Huckleberry Gelato Distillate Terped Cartridge
  • Kiwi Kush Infused Baby Pre-Rolls 5 Pack (.5g/ea) from Jeeter
  • Lavender Dream Distillate Cartridge from Fernway
  • Maui Wowie Infused Baby Pre-Rolls 5 Pack (.5g/ea) from Jeeter
  • Monkey Berries Pre-Ground
  • Mexican Flan Smalls
  • Pacifier x Apple Juice Pre-Ground
  • Peaches Infused Baby Pre-Rolls 5 Pack (.5g/ea) from Jeeter
  • Ridgeline Lantz Flower Tub
  • Ridgeline Lantz Pre-Ground
  • Space Queen Distillate Cartridge from Fernway
  • The Nightmare Pre-Ground
  • The Soap Whole Flower
  • Triple Scoop Distillate Terped Cartridge
  • Watermelon ZKZ Infused Pre-Roll from Jeeter