The Boston Celtics’ quest for banner 18 has hit its last and final test as they look to take on the Dallas Mavericks this upcoming Thursday, June 6th, at 8:30 pm for a best-of-seven series. Whether you’re looking forward to potentially the first Celtics championship in over a decade or a meeting with former Celtic and one of Boston’s most prominent sports enemies in recent years, Kyrie Irving, this series will have a little bit of everything to it. Will the Celtics finally get over the hump and cap off their dominant season in grand fashion? Or will Luka and the Mavericks continue to pay homage to their 2011 championship by playing gritty, underdog-style basketball?

A lengthy, ten-day gap between the end of the Eastern Conference Finals and Game 1 of The Finals has allowed players such as Kristaps Porzingis to get the proper rest and reps needed to get back into the starting lineup following his minor injury over a month in Game 4 of Boston’s first-round playoff series against the Heat. It has also given Dallas time to ready their highly-touted backcourt to become the first five-seed in NBA history to win the Finals. Additionally, it will allow you, a proud fan of the Boston Celtics, to gear up and prepare for the NBA Finals. Here are a few CommCan products to help you gear up to watch your Celtics!

Pre-Ground Flower & Disposable Vapes for the Game

Whether you are trying to pack a cone before tip-off or fill a quick bowl in the middle of a timeout, HelloHii Pre-Ground will provide you with just that in a hassle-free and effortless way. Each Pre-Ground container comes with 14g of freshly grounded up strain-specific flower, allowing you to consume how you want without wasting time with no grinder needed. 

Flower not your thing? Try a Disposable Vaporizer from HelloHii Instead! These vapes come in a sleek All-In-One model, allowing users an easy and efficient vaping experience. HelloHii Disposables are filled with one gram of premium distillate and feature two different flavors: P.O.G. and Tanginana.


Cannabis-Infused Edibles & Beverages for Game Day

Edibles are the perfect way to consume and get medicated without missing a second of the game. If you’re a fan of gummies, check out our Bite Effect-Based Gummies, available in five different flavors, each tailored towards a distinct high and mood. Need something for those late fourth-quarter crunch time minutes? Try a Bite Mellow Effect-Based Gummy!


Rather watch the game with an ice-cold beverage? Cheer on the Celtics with SiP Beverages, nanotechnology in a can! Each SiP contains a fast-acting dose of THC, allowing you to find your cloud in a timely manner with accurate dosing. SiP also comes in a wide variety of flavors and THC content, depending on whether you are a medical patient or a recreational user.

Pre-Rolled Joints to Enhance Your Playoff-Watching Experience

Get ready to enhance your game-watching experience with a Pre-Roll! Whether you’re tuning in from the comfort of your own home or gathering with friends, Pre-Rolls offer the perfect way to relax without missing a moment of the action. Ideal for halftime unwinding or providing a boost during a tense moment, Pre-Rolls ensure you can enjoy every aspect of the game to the fullest. So sit back, spark up, and cheer on the Celtics with a Pre-Roll!

Cheer on the Boston Celtics with CommCan

Watch the NBA Finals and cheer on your Boston Celtics with the help of CommCan! That’s why each Celtics game day, for the remainder of the NBA Finals, we will be offering a special In-store offer to those who wear their favorite Celtics merch upon picking up or placing an order. Visit our locations in Millis and Rehoboth today to gear up for Game 1 this upcoming Thursday, June 6th, for all of your NBA Finals needs.