Welcome to the latest edition of the CommCan weekly recap! Here, we cover all things related to CommCan and cannabis in Massachusetts. This week, we will introduce another best-selling CommCan strain into the Snowconez infused line, unveil new strains getting filled into Cookies Cartridges, and lastly, present the latest employee pick of the week!

Introducing Sharpiez to Snowconez

The launch of our Infused Pre-roll line, Snowconez, has been nothing short of a success. For starters, Snowconez pre-rolls are crafted with a unique blend of premium strain-specific flower and our DRiP Snow (THCa Isolate Powder). Each pack of Snowconez contains two half-gram pre-rolls filled with a 60/40 flower-to-THCa ratio, allowing for a slow-burning and ultra-potent high. We have been receiving extraordinary feedback from you all regarding Snowconez, and we take every word into account. So far, we’ve seen CommCan staple strains such as Runtz, GMO, and Sour Diesel reach Snowconez, and we don’t want to stop there. We’re happy to announce that another CommCan bestseller, Sharpiez, will hit the Infused Pre-roll line. Try a Sharpiez Snowcone today and take your high to the next level, available at all CommCan locations.


New Strains into Cookies Cartridges

We’re proud to introduce one of Cookies by CommCan’s most popular strains, Ridgeline Lantz, to the ever-evolving lineup of DRiP and Cookies Vape products. Ridgeline Lantz was chosen after significant consideration, thought, and craftsmanship from the professionals in our lab. Ridgeline represents the craft of cannabis excellence, highlighting the everchanging selection of strains grown at CommCan. Made by using our state-of-the-art extraction techniques and infused with solventless cannabis terpenes through our innovative HyperTerping process, our Cookies by CommCan Cartridges promise an unmatched vaping experience. Each hit delivers clean, smooth, and flavor-rich vapor thanks to the premium AVD cartridge, renowned for its exceptional taste, delivery, and vapor production. Elevate your vaping experience with the phoenominal flavors and potency of Ridgeline Lantz, now available exclusively at CommCan.

                                                                 Artistic rendition of Ridgeline Lantz strain by Cookies.

Latest Employee Pick: Ridgeline Lantz

While we’re on the topic, for this week’s employee pick, we will showcase one of the most popular strains grown here at CommCan, Ridgeline Lantz, chosen by Cindy E., one of our managers here at CommCan. Cindy describes the strain as a tasty and distinctive hybrid strain. This Emerald Cup-winning strain greets the user with a deep, comforting high feeling while also providing a rush of happiness and giggles. Ridgeline is perfect for those who need a little extra kick to get through their daily activities while not compromising impairment. Visit our Millis and Rehoboth locations to try Ridgeline Lantz for yourself!


New Products & Restocks: 5/31/24

  • Afghan Peach Terp Tonic Medical-Dose Beverage
  • Cuban Linx Pre-Roll 2 Pack (.5g/ea)
  • Dying Dreaming Distillate Cartridge
  • Grandaddy Pluto Smalls
  • Mangopaya Black Cap Eighths
  • Mexican Flan Smalls
  • Pilon Eighths
  • Pink Lemon Infused Pre-Roll from Jeeter
  • Ridgeline Lantz Pre-Ground