Welcome to the latest edition of the CommCan weekly recap! Here, we cover all things related to CommCan and cannabis in Massachusetts. This week, we will introduce additional new Cookies by CommCan strains, unveil the launch of Jeeters in Massachusetts, and lastly, present the latest employee pick of the week!

New Strain Drops at CommCan: Blue Suede and London Pound Cake 75

CommCan is excited to introduce two new strains from the renowned Cookies brand – Blue Suede and London Pound Cake 75. These highly anticipated strains will be available at all CommCan and Cookies dispensary locations in Massachusetts starting this weekend, May 24th.

Blue Suede by Cookies

A true hybrid from the Grandiflora line of the Cookies Family, Blue Suede is a cross between Cookies and Project 4516. This strain boasts a delightfully sugary sweet flavor with a smooth, spiced shortbread finish. The aroma is equally enticing, with notes of spiced nutmeg complemented by hints of sweet vanilla cookies.

Blue Suede offers users a deeply relaxing and joyful experience, accompanied by a delightful body high that leaves you feeling blissfully zoned out.


London Pound Cake 75 by Cookies

One of Cookies’ most celebrated strains, London Pound Cake 75 is a classic cross between the delicious Sunset Sherbet and the potent NIP OG. This perfectly balanced hybrid delivers a happy, uplifting high that can energize you after a long workday or help you unwind after an intense gym session.

The aroma is a captivating blend of gassy, sweet blueberries with subtle waves of lemongrass. On the palate, you’ll discover a menthol-fresh flavor that finishes with a musky, sweet note.


Available at CommCan & Cookies Dispensaries Across MA!

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first in Massachusetts to try these extraordinary new Cookies strains. Visit CommCan in Millis, Rehoboth, or the upcoming Mansfield location this weekend to experience Blue Suede and London Pound Cake 75 for yourself!

Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls at CommCan

Here at CommCan, we value the hard work and craftsmanship of cannabis brands worldwide and are always looking for ways to incorporate or even bring these products into our stores. That’s why, with great pride, we’re announcing that Jeeter will be available at CommCan dispensaries. For starters, Jeeter is a popular Cannabis Pre-Roll and apparel brand that has taken the cannabis scene by storm. After starting in California, Jeeter has expanded to Massachusetts and has chosen CommCan as one of its premier suppliers for the East Coast. Jeeter Pre-Rolls comes in various sizing options, starting with a simple one-gram option, a two-pack one-gram option, and lastly, a five-pack two-and-a-half-gram option. Jeeter Pre-Rolls are rolled with premium cannabis flower and are infused with cannabis oil, and dusted with kief, allowing for an extreme high for whoever intakes. Visit your local CommCan dispensary today to try Jeeters for yourself!


Beat the Heat with SiP

Temperatures have been soaring within Massachusetts, and we’ve all gotten a glimpse of what summer will soon be like. Before we know it, the dog days of summer will be among us. As temperatures continue to soar and the days get longer, cool off with SiP. SiP infused beverages offers consumers a standard 5-milligram option up to a 25-milligram edition exclusive to medical patients. Similarly, SiP comes in various flavor options, including popular soda options such as Grape, Root Beer, Cola, and Lemon-Lime. On the other hand, all SiP beverages use nanoencapsulation to break down the cannabis extracts into millions of smaller particles. This as a result, allows your body to absorb cannabis faster, allowing for your high to start within fifteen to thirty minutes, as opposed to traditional edibles, which can take hours. Whether you’re bringing a cooler of SiP to the beach or having a drink around the campfire, beat the heat this summer with SiP beverages! Available at all CommCan locations.

Latest Employee Pick of the Week: 5 Star

For this week’s employee pick, we will showcase one of the longest-tenured strains here at CommCan, 5 Star, chosen by Pedro M., one of our kitchen managers over at Medway. On an average day, you can find Pedro in the kitchen or lab hard at work while being adamant that this is “our year” for his hated New York Yankees. Pedro describes 5 Star as a fresh, uplifting sativa strain that provides the user with a deep euphoric head high. The strain can be used as an “energy supplier” similar to a can of Red Bull, ideal for those looking to stay active throughout the day. 5 Star also features an irresistible menthol minty taste that’ll make you want to go back for another drag of your joint. Visit our Millis and Rehoboth locations to try 5 Star for yourself!


New Products & Restocks: 5/24/24

  • Afghan Peach Live Resin DRiP Cartridge
  • B Mellow Gummies
  • B Social Medical-Dose Gummies
  • Blueberry Pie Black Cap Eighths
  • Blue Suede Eighths
  • Blue Suede Pre-Roll
  • Blue Suede Smalls
  • Dosidos Eighths from Theory Wellness
  • Dutch Treat x Cherry Pie Eighths from The Botanist
  • Lava Dawg Live Crumble
  • London Pound Cake #75 Eighths
  • London Pound Cake #75 Pre-Roll
  • London Pound Cake #75 Smalls
  • Madrina Eighths
  • Papaya Slapper Premium Live Hash Rosin from Bountiful Farms
  • Pineapple Medical-Dose Gummies from Theory Wellness
  • Ridgeline Lantz Distillate Cartridge
  • Sharpiez Infused Pre-Roll 2 Pack (.5g/ea)
  • Sour Diesel X Animal Cookies Gold Cap Eighths
  • Southern Hashpitality Live Hash Rosin from Bountiful Farms
  • Sugar Smorz Premium Live Hash Rosin from Bountiful Farms
  • Tiger Bomb Whole Flower
  • Twin Flame Whole Flower
  • Watermelon Milkshake Eighths from The Botanist
  • Why U Gelly Whole Flower