As the season shifts and the nights draw in, CommCan is proud to introduce four remarkable new strains, each boasting a unique blend of flavor and effect. Handcrafted with care in our solar-powered, well-watered indoor facility in Medway, Massachusetts, these strains represent a fusion of innovation and tradition.

Official Artwork for Yodalz

Yodalz: A Creamy, Gaseous Delight

Cultivated by CommCan

Yodalz, a harmonious blend of Khalifa Kush and Georgia Pie, is set to be the latest addition to our collection. With an aroma of white chocolate and pistachio cream complemented by a gas undertone, this hybrid indica is perfect for socializing, relaxing, or immersing in music.

What are the effects of Yodalz?

Yodalz delivers a clear-headed, focused high coupled with a heavy relaxing body sensation. It’s perfect for enhancing social interactions, enjoying music, or relaxing on the couch, but beware of the serious munchies it may bring!

A portrait photograph stalk shot of Yodalz by CommCan

Rainbow Zoap: The Artisanal Uplift

Cultivated by CommCan – Bred by LIT Farms

Introducing Rainbow Zoap, a harmonious blend of Rainbow Sherbet #11’s floral and minty nuances with the unique soapy zest of Zoap. This creative hybrid is a canvas of relaxation, painting each moment with vibrant strokes of euphoria and a buoyant, cheerful energy, ideal for sparking creativity or savoring a hands-on project.

What are the effects of Rainbow Zoap?

Rainbow Zoap sparks a swift wave of euphoria, leading to a state of cheerful buoyancy. It’s perfect for creative projects or hands-on activities, offering a balanced mix of uplifting energy and calm focus.

A photograph of a Rainbow Zoap Nug after dry and trim
A photograph of the Rainbow Zoap Strain Stalk

Swamp Ass: A Soapy Chemical Fusion

Cultivated by CommCan – Bred by LIT Farms

Embark on a sensory journey with Swamp Ass, a daring fusion that combines GMO’s rich coffee and chemical notes with Zoap’s crisp, soapy essence. This hybrid strain is a novel adventure for the senses, providing a deep, satisfying unwind with its complex aroma and balanced effects.

What are the effects of Swamp Ass?

Swamp Ass provides a relaxing body high with a touch of mental focus. It’s ideal for deep engagement in music, creative projects, or simply unwinding after a long day.

A photograph of the Swamp Ass strain Stalk

Art Work for the Strain Rubber Match by CommCan

Rubber Match: A Sweet Symphony

Cultivated by CommCan – Bred by Secret Society Seed Co

Rubber Match weaves a tapestry of Slurricane’s luscious fruitiness with the tranquil power of Purple Punch 2.0. This Indica-hybrid bursts with a symphony of sweet berry and spicy tropical undertones, set against an earthy canvas.

What are the effects of Rubber Match?

Rubber Match offers a gradual relaxation, ideal for evening winding down. It brings a comforting body relaxation paired with a light mental stimulation, aiding in stress relief and promoting restful sleep.

A photograph of the Rubber Match Stalk