With 4/20 just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate the ultimate stoner holiday in style. And where better to score the best deals in the commonwealth than at CommCan, your favorite locally-owned family-run dispensary in Massachusetts? Before we announce our unbeatable 4/20 offers, let’s dive into the history of this special day and find out what it truly means for the cannabis community.

WHAT IS 4/20?

For those not in the know, 4/20 (pronounced “four-twenty”) is an annual celebration held on April 20th, dedicated to cannabis culture. It’s a day to come together, share stories, and appreciate the many benefits of this incredible plant.


The story of 4/20 dates back to the early 1970s in San Rafael, California. A group of high school students, known as the “Waldos,” would meet at 4:20 PM after school to search for a rumored hidden cannabis crop. Although they never found the elusive crop, their 4:20 meetups became a code for enjoying cannabis, and the term spread far and wide with a little help from The Grateful Dead.
Today, 4/20 is a day to celebrate cannabis culture and push for continued legalization and acceptance around the world.


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As you count down the days to 4/20, remember to gear up for the celebration with CommCan. We’re committed to making this year’s 4/20 one for the books, so stay tuned for our incredible deals and specials. We can’t wait to celebrate the 4/20 with you!