Welcome to the fifth edition of the CommCan weekly recap! Here, we cover all things related to CommCan and cannabis in Massachusetts. This week, we will discuss the fun we had with the recent Solar Eclipse, announce our additional 4/20 deals, and share the latest employee pick. 

Eclipse at CommCan

This week at CommCan and across the universe, we had the opportunity to witness a Total Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, making it look like the sun disappears or gets covered up for a little while. This may provide up-to-pitch darkness in the middle of the day. While we did not experience complete totality of darkness in Massachusetts from the Eclipse, it was a sight you wouldn’t want to miss. This event only happens every several years, with the next being in the year 2044. Our employees had a blast on Monday witnessing this surreal event; we hope you all did, too!


Latest Employee Pick: TK’91

This week, for our ‘Employee Pick,’ we will be highlighting TK’91, chosen by Kenton, one of our superb budtenders at Rehoboth. Kenton describes TK’91 as a heavy-hitting Indica with a very nice OG taste and aroma. The effects are potent and heavy, with a face-melting effect to compliment being glued to the couch, a total knockout! Be sure to check out TK’91, available at all CommCan locations.

CommCan 4/20 Deals Revealed!

Our 4/20 deals have finally been revealed!  Our doorbuster ounce is exclusive to Saturday 4/20! Extremely limited quantities are available IN-STORE ONLY! $100 OZs of Lava Dawg, GMO or Sour Diesel. Packaged as single ounces. 4/20/24 ONLY.

Medical Exclusive $175 TWO OZ packages of Lava Dawg available. IN-STORE ONLY 4/20/24 ONLY.


420 deals revealed! Available on 4/20/24 only. Super limited quantity. $100 Ounce of CommCan Gold Cap! Choose between 1oz of GMO, Sour Diesel or Lava Dawg. In-store only, no preorders.
420 deals med only! Available on 4/20/24 only. Super limited quantity for medical patients only. $175 for 2 Ounces of CommCan Lava Dawg flower. In-store only, no preorders.





420 Flower Deals at CommCan: CommCan Black Cap Half OZ: 4 Eights for$60! CommCan Gold Cap Half OZ: 4 Eighths for $75 CommCan 1g PreRolls: Choose any 2 for $15
Cookies 420 Deals: Cookies Flower Half OZ: 4 Eighths for $75 Cookies 1g PreRolls: 4 PreRolls for $25 Cookies 1g Dab Carts: Mexican Flan or Apples & Bananas 1g distillate vape cart for $36
420 Vapes & Dab Deals: DRiP Distillate 1g Vape Carts for $36/ea. DRiP Live Resin 1g dab pens for $44/ea. DRiP 1g Live Concentrate Dabs for $44/ea DRiP 1g Distillate Syringes for $36/ea.
420 Edible Deals: Bite THC Chocolates only $12 per pack! SIP Sodas 4-pack for $9 SIP High-Dose Sodas 4-pack for $15. SIP Soda Syrup 2 bottles for $45

New Products & Restocks: 4/12/2024

  • Albarino Cold Cure Live Rosin from Harbor House
  • Augmented OG Whole Flower
  • Banana Kush Distillate Cartridge from INSA
  • Blood Moon Pre-Ground
  • Blue Apricot DRiP Live Resin Cartridge
  • Blue Dream Distillate Cartridge from INSA
  • Blue Dream Kief from INSA
  • Blue Zushi All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • Breakfast in Bed Eighths
  • Breakfast in Bed Pre-Ground
  • Breakfast in Bed Smalls
  • Cereal Milk Kief from INSA
  • Cherry Pie Live Rosin from Suncrafted
  • Croissant DRiP Live Resin Badder
  • Gary Payton Smalls
  • GSC Distillate Cartridge from INSA
  • Huckleberry All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • Mexican Flan Eighths
  • Mexican Flan Smalls
  • Milk Chocolate Bar Medical Dose from Happy Valley
  • Papaya Live Rosin Cartridge from Suncrafted
  • Pave Pre-Ground
  • Peanut Butter Smooches Chocolates from INSA
  • Pink Lemonade Cubes from The Heirloom Collective
  • Root Beer SIP Soda Medical Dose
  • Runtz DRiP Live Resin Badder
  • Snake Eyes Whole Flower
  • Sour Apple Rosin Gummies from Harbor House
  • Sour Blue Raspberry Rosin Gummies from Harbor House
  • Sour Diesel Pre-Ground
  • Superboof Live Rosin from Suncrafted
  • Strawberry Jam All-In-One Disposable from PAX
  • Tequila Sunrise Pre-Ground     
  • Titty Sprinkles DRiP Live Resin Bader