Get ready for an elevated vaping experience. DRiP is excited to introduce our new HyperTerped Distillate Cartridges, setting a new standard for flavor and quality in the cannabis industry.


Utilizing advanced extraction techniques, we derive the distillate for our cartridges from top-tier flowers grown in CommCan’s state-of-the-art cultivation facility. This process ensures a high-quality product that mirrors the flavor and experience of the original strain.


What sets DRiP cartridges apart is our exclusive HyperTerping process. We infuse our cartridges with 8% solventless, cannabis-derived terpenes from CommCan’s own strains. This not only enriches the flavor but also creates a unique cannabis experience.


Our journey for superior quality led us to the All-Ceramic AVD cartridge. Its elegant design and medical-grade ceramic core create the perfect vessel for our vibrant DRiP oils, delivering a smooth hit every time.


To maximize your vaping experience, use the DRiP Distillate with a DRiP Battery on the Green (2.6v) or White (3.2v) settings. If you’re not using a DRiP Battery, start with the lowest setting and increase gradually to your preference.


Every DRiP cartridge is infused with 100% real cannabis terpenes, a significant step up from competitors who might use botanical or synthetic versions. While these might taste good, they often lack the genuine strain-specific effects that cannabis connoisseurs crave.


Each cartridge is filled with 1g of premium distillate, all at a super competitive price. Experience the vibrant taste and superior quality of DRiP’s new HyperTerped Distillate Cartridges. Elevate your vaping experience with DRiP!