Dive into a world of vibrant flavors and soothing aromas with our two newest strains, Orange Zorbet and RS11 x Coffin Candy. Orange Zorbet, a sativa-hybrid, brings a zestful start to your day, while RS11 x Coffin Candy, an indica-hybrid, promises sweet relaxation for your evenings. These strains, thoughtfully cultivated at our Medway, MA facility, are ready to enhance your cannabis experience with their unique profiles and effects.

Orange Zorbet: A Zesty Awakening

Cultivated by CommCan – Bred by Compound Genetics

Embrace the day with the dynamic energy of Orange Zorbet. This sativa-hybrid is a masterful blend of Orange Sherb, OZ Kush, and Gastro Pop, creating a zesty tangerine and bold diesel profile. This strain echoes the spirit of Tangie with a modern, robust twist. Ideal for the go-getter, the early riser, and the doer, Orange Zorbet stimulates the senses and sparks a cheerful vigor, perfect for powering through the day with an uplifting head high.

What are the Effects of Orange Zorbet?

Prepare for an effervescent lift-off with Orange Zorbet. Its effects resonate with a quickened pulse of inspiration, gifting you a focused buzz that’s both joyful and productive. A great morning starter or an afternoon booster, it’s your zesty ally in transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

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A bud photo of the Orange Zorbet Strain

RS11 x Coffin Candy: The Exotic Comfort

Cultivated by CommCan – Bred by Doja Exclusives

Indulge in the sweet, exotic embrace of RS11 x Coffin Candy. This indica-hybrid unfolds a tapestry of sweet fruit candy and smooth hash, a sophisticated creamy smoke for any time of the day. It’s the strain for the music lover, the social butterfly, and the dreamer, weaving a vibe that’s both chill and engaging.

What are the Effects of RS11 x Coffin Candy?

RS11 x Coffin Candy is your evening’s soft serenade, easing you into a state of calm that’s both soothing and contemplative. Fans of Runtz and Pink Guava will find solace in this strain’s ability to dissolve worries and wrap you in a cocoon of tranquility. It’s the perfect companion for unwinding, offering a head high that elevates the spirit and relaxes the body.

Find RS11 x Coffin Candy at CommCan

At CommCan, we take pride in our ability to craft cannabis that not only delights the palate but also enriches the experience. Orange Zorbet and RS11 x Coffin Candy are no exception. We invite you to explore these new offerings, each with its unique narrative and essence. Visit our dispensaries in Rehoboth and Millis, and let us guide you through these new sensory journeys that await. Whether you’re kick-starting your day with the zest of Orange Zorbet or easing into the evening with the sweet lullabies of RS11 x Coffin Candy, we’re here to make every moment a little more special.

Discover the vibrant wakefulness of Orange Zorbet and the exotic comfort of RS11 x Coffin Candy, the latest masterpieces from the CommCan collection. Come Friday, let these strains color your world with their unique stories and captivating flavors.