Excited for a unique cannabis adventure? CommCan, in partnership with Cookies, proudly introduces the Ridgeline Lantz strain to Massachusetts. This isn’t just a Cookies creation; it’s a collaborative masterpiece with Ridgeline Farms. Available this Friday, October 27th, 2023 at CommCan.

Individual holding a package of Ridgeline Lantz cannabis.
Artistic rendition of Ridgeline Lantz strain by Cookies.

The Origin of Ridgeline Lantz

Ridgeline Lantz encapsulates a blend of tradition and innovation. The family at Ridgeline Farms, situated in the heart of Humboldt County, honed this strain over several years. Their dedication, paired with Cookies’ expertise, brought this distinctive strain to life. The blend of energetic Green Lantern and flavorful Ridgeline Runtz results in a balanced, captivating experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Now, through the Ridgeline Farms x Cookies collaboration, CommCan has the honor of growing and introducing this strain to the local community.

Experience Pure Sensory Enchantment

Open the seal, and sweet candy mixed with earthy pine notes entices your senses. Cookies describes this signature aroma as a “candy kush with a slightly creamy backend”​​. Ridgeline Lantz flaunts dense, striking purple-hued buds. Glowing green leaves and orange hairs accentuate its beauty. Platinum trichomes create a thick frost on the buds, showcasing the strain’s potency and quality. The artistic packaging ensures freshness from farm to flame​.

Lifestyle collage featuring various scenes with Ridgeline Lantz cannabis.

What Are the Effects of Ridgeline Lantz?

Crafted for seasoned cannabis aficionados, Ridgeline Lantz offers a captivating journey. With its effects gliding from a gentle lift-off to a euphoric peak, then mellow into a relaxed state—perfect for a Sunday afternoon chill​. It’s ideal for those seeking either relaxation or a burst of creativity.

Your Gateway to Unmatched Cannabis Exploration

CommCan is thrilled to share Ridgeline Lantz with Massachusetts and the East Coast. Keep an eye out for its availability at a CommCan dispensary near you this Friday 10/27/23. Visit our local dispensaries in Rehoboth, MA (located only 15min from Providence, RI and Fall River, MA) and Millis, MA (near Franklin, MA and a short drive from Woonsocket, RI).

GIF slideshow of lifestyle photography featuring Ridgeline Lantz strain by Cookies.
GIF slideshow of lifestyle photography featuring Ridgeline Lantz strain by Cookies.