At CommCan, innovation and quality are at the heart of what we do. We’re excited to reveal our latest strain: Sharpiez. This Indica-dominant gem, originally bred by Lit Farms and cultivated in our Medway, MA facility, is a cross between the acclaimed Permanent Marker and Zoap strains. Fans of our Croissant and Rainbow Zoap strains will find Sharpiez to be a new favorite.

The Unique Profile of Sharpiez

Sharpiez’s unique and flavorful profile reflects its prestigious lineage. It greets users with a bold, chemical aroma reminiscent of Permanent Market, mingled with skunky citrus and floral undertones. The experience is rounded off with a peppery and sour exhale, leaving a lasting impression. Ideal for winding down after a long day, Sharpiez offers a soothing and joyful experience.

Photograph of the Sharpiez Stalk after Harvest

What are the Effects of the Sharpiez Strain?

Sharpiez delivers a calming and relaxing high, perfect for those seeking to ease tension and unwind. This strain is known for its relaxing properties and its ability to induce light-heartedness and giggles. Whether you’re looking to relax after a hectic day or simply enjoy a laid-back evening, Sharpiez is an excellent choice for a serene and cheerful experience.

Expanded Offerings: Sharpiez in Various Forms

We’re not just stopping at flower form. Get ready for the comprehensive release of Sharpiez in DRiP’s brand-new Live Resin Crumble line and a Live Resin Cartridge. Our Live Resin Crumble, made from meticulously harvested flowers, captures the essence of the strain, offering a rich and authentic flavor. This crumble is a fantastic addition to enhance the taste and potency of your favorite flower, elevating your smoking experience to new heights.

Mark Your Calendars

Join us on Friday, January 19th, for the grand unveiling of Sharpiez Eighths and our extensive range of Live Resin products. Our dispensaries in Rehoboth, MA, and Millis, MA are eagerly awaiting your visit. Don’t miss out on this exciting launch!