As the winter air begins to carry the whispers of past, CommCan is raising our glasses—rather, our cans—to a monumental event in American history with the release of our newest creation: the “Boston THC Party” infused tea by SIP.

A Revolutionary Brew

250 years ago, the Boston Tea Party became a catalyst for change, a symbol of resistance and the power of a united community. In tribute to this pivotal moment, we’ve crafted a beverage that embodies the spirit of 1773 with a twist that’s quintessentially 2023.

The “Boston THC Party” is an all-natural English tea, infused with a carefully curated blend of THC and CBD at a 2:1 ratio. The result? A lemon-flavored libation with a sophisticated bitter note that pays homage to the teas of old, while welcoming a new era of cannabis enjoyment.

Limited Edition for a Historical Celebration

Boston THC Party is a limited edition brew, ensuring that every sip is as special as the historical event it celebrates. Starting December 15th, this revolutionary concoction will be available at CommCan dispensaries in Millis and Rehoboth, and at a handpicked selection of Massachusetts dispensaries: Legal Greens in Brockton, Native Sun in Hudson/North Attleboro/Southie, The Heirloom Collective in Bernardston/Hadley.

But remember, like the historic act it commemorates, this tea won’t last forever.

Wicked Good, Wonderfully Local

At CommCan, we’re all about celebrating our roots while nurturing the future. The “Boston THC Party” is a toast to our Massachusetts heritage—a state that has always been at the forefront of change. As you enjoy this wicked good brew, you’re not just sipping tea; you’re part of a tradition that continues to challenge the status quo.

Join the Party

Whether you’re a history buff, a cannabis connoisseur, or simply looking for a new way to enjoy THC and CBD, the “Boston THC Party” is here to revolutionize your experience. It’s more than a beverage; it’s a historical journey and a celebration in every can.

So, this winter, let’s honor the past as we sip on the future. Head over to our dispensaries or our partnering locations and be one of the first to join the “Boston THC Party.” This is a moment you won’t want to miss.

About CommCan

Rooted in the heart of Massachusetts, CommCan is the first certified woman-owned and largest LGBTQ-owned cannabis business in the state. We’re proud to bring you the finest locally-grown cannabis flower, innovative products, and now, the “Boston THC Party” infused tea. Join us as we continue to craft experiences that are authentic, memorable, and deeply rooted in our community.