CommCan Presents the Exotic Tigermelon

We’re thrilled to introduce Tigermelon, a strain that brings a tropical flair to our curated collection. Cultivated with precision at our solar-powered Medway, MA facility, Tigermelon offers a euphoric adventure that starts in your head and flows through your body. Perfect for those craving a unique, flavorful, and balanced experience, Tigermelon is your next go-to strain.

Embark on a Flavor Odyssey

Tigermelon is a sensory delight. Picture tropical fruits’ sweetness blending with a subtle cheese undertone. Add a mix of ripe banana, diesel, and pine, and you’ve got a flavor profile that’s as unique as it is captivating. If you love apples and bananas, Tigermelon’s exotic taste will enchant you.

The Effects: Elevate and Unwind with Tigermelon

Tigermelon delivers a high that starts with an uplifting mood boost and a touch of mental haze. This initial euphoria is engaging, perfect for socializing or introspection. As you ease into the experience, a calming body buzz takes over, possibly making you crave some snacks.

The Lineage: Chemdog Meets Apollo 11 and Uzbekistani

Tigermelon is a unique Indica Hybrid, masterfully crafted by Bodhi Seeds. Its lineage combines Chemdog, Apollo 11 (Genius cut), and Uzbekistani strains. This diverse heritage enriches its complex flavor and versatile effects, making it a top pick for both recreational and medical users.

Mark Your Calendars: Tiger Melon Drops September 29, 2023!

Don’t miss the chance to experience Tigermelon. This tropical gem will be exclusively available at our dispensaries in Millis and Rehoboth, MA. Save the date for September 29, 2023, and get ready for an unparalleled tropical adventure!