CommCan, Massachusetts’ leading family-owned cannabis company, is set to launch SIP Terp Tonic on 4/20, a one-of-a-kind cannabis-infused soda flavored exclusively with solventless terpenes from their Pacifier x Apple Juice strain. This innovative beverage offers cannabis connoisseurs an unprecedented way to experience the unique flavors and effects of a specific strain without smoking or vaping.

The latest brainchild of CommCan, SIP Terp Tonic is brewed in-house at CommCan’s facility.”I realized we were onto something special when people’s eyes lit up whenever we discussed Terp Tonic at cannabis expos. It’s a product they didn’t know they wanted until they heard about it,” said Stephano Del Rose, Director of Marketing at CommCan. “In the beer world, you appreciate the flavors of the hops and grains. Nobody is doing that with cannabis. Most products have added flavors or are crafted solely with botanically derived terpenes, preventing the true, complex flavors of the strains from shining through.”

Since its debut in 2020, SIP has become the fastest-selling edible in CommCan’s product lineup, popular among both medical patients and recreational customers. The innovative Terp Tonic features the strain’s natural terpene profile, with no added flavors. Natural cane sugar serves as the sole sweetener, ensuring an authentic cannabis experience. As with all SIP sodas, Terp Tonic benefits from nano-emulsified THC, resulting in a fast-acting and enjoyable experience.

“We are excited to launch SIP Terp Tonic, the first cannabis beverage that truly lets you taste the strain,” said Marc Rosenfeld, CEO of CommCan. “Our dedication to quality and innovation has led us to create this one-of-a-kind product, designed for those seeking an extraordinary cannabis experience.”

SIP Terp Tonic will be available at all CommCan locations starting on 4/20.

About CommCan
CommCan, founded in 2015, is Massachusetts’ first family-owned and operated cannabis company. As the state’s first certified woman-owned and largest LGBTQ-owned cannabis business, CommCan prides itself on innovation and inclusivity. The company produces premium cannabis brands, including DRiP concentrates, Bite edibles, TINQ tinctures and topicals, and SIP, the first recreationally compliant cannabis beverage on the East Coast.

With recreational and medical dispensaries in Millis and Rehoboth, CommCan continues to expand its reach, planning to open a third dispensary in Mansfield in early 2024.