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Discover a new state of mind with Twin Flame, the interstellar hybrid strain from CommCan.Read to learn more!

Cannabis Beverages: A New Way to Consume Weed

Are you looking for a new and refreshing way to consume THC? Introducing SIP CannabisRead to learn more!

SIP Lemon Lime High-Dose Soda

All new, SIP Lemon Lime High-Dose Soda. Exclusively for Medical Patients at CommCan.

Experience Lava Dawg: A Powerful Indica Strain by CommCan

Lava Dawg is known for its deeply sedating effects that can help you relax andRead to learn more!

Pure Michigan

Grown by CommCan. Pure Michigan is an indica-hybrid cross between Oreoz x Mendo Breath F2.Read to learn more!


Grown by CommCan. A hybrid that is known for its meditative body high and euphoricRead to learn more!